Wheelchair and Seating Assessment

For clients to be able to engage successfully in any meaningful activity to their optimal potential, posture and seating is pivotal. Therefore, assessment of wheelchairs, seating and posture are essential. The team works closely with innovative products to achieve the best outcomes.

Specialist Equipment Assessment

This includes assessment for specialized equipment / technology that will enable the client to maximize their functional independence within a variety of settings.
This may also involve advise and guidance with regards to minor and major adaptations.

Transition to Community Living

The interdisciplinary team support transitional living from inpatient to an environment that best suits the client. Providing assessment, recommendations and risk assessments.

Facial Oral Tract Therapy

"Facial Oral Tract Therapy (F.O.T.T.) provides a comprehensive approach to the assessment and treatment of disturbances in facial expression, oral movement, swallowing, breathing, voice and speech production caused by developmental and acquired neurological conditions. Four main areas are concerned: nutrition, oral hygiene, non-verbal communication and speech movements. F.O.T.T. is a practical, hands-on approach. It is founded on an understanding of human function and the way we learn from experience. Treatment is based on direct work with the patient and education of others involved.” Kay Coombes

Spasticity Management

This involves the assessment and management of increased tone and contractures through a combination of assessment for the provision of Botulinum Toxin and splinting / casting.

Low awareness assessment and intervention

Often the approach used with this client group is based on a model of care rather than rehabilitation or establishing an environment that provides opportunities for change.
The interdisciplinary team offer assessment of low awareness and minimally conscious clients, through meaningful activity, structured observational assessment and use of the SMART assessment.
This is delivered through the implementation of training staff / family, structured assessment and therapy programme.

Bobath Concept of rehabilitation

The Bobath concept is an interdisciplinary team approach that promotes motor learning, through facilitated movements to achieve functional goals and greater motor control.

Functional Electrical Stimulation

This treatment provides electrical stimulation to the nerves to promote functional return.


The use of a hydrotherapy pool is beneficial for clients who experience pain, reduced range of movement and / or a wide range of sensory and physical impairments.

It can offer creative therapeutic solutions for the interdisciplinary team through buoyancy resistance, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles, use of facilitation and equipment.

Assistive technology

Assistive Technology allows people with a disability to access their environment and to communicate through use of electronic devices, switches and computers.

These solutions can facilitate independence in the home, workplace and community, enhancing opportunities for interaction, safety and quality of life.

Computer based therapy programmes

Specialised therapy software provides opportunities for unlimited therapy practice as guided by the clinician. A programme of exercises will be identified following an assessment to meet individual needs.

In order to make use of this facility you will need your own computer

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